Related projects

Related projects


GEORISCA: “The main objective is the assessment of the georisk in the Kivu region (DRC, Rwanda, Burundi), by analysing and combining seismic, volcanic and mass-movement hazards as well as the vulnerability of the population, the infrastructures and the natural ecosystems, in order to support risk management.”



MORECA: “Monitoring of large scale small holder reforestation projects for carbon finance mechanisms” (12/2010 – 12/2012). Project funded by the Belgian Federal Scientific Policy. Partners: World Wildlife Fund.



SureLive: "Sustainable land use and resilient livelihoods in the landslide-prone region of Mount Elgon, Uganda"



RESIST: REmote Sensing and In Situ detection and Tracking of geohazards. This region includes the Virunga Volcanic Province (VVP) in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), western Rwanda and Burundi, as well as southwest Uganda.



EAGLES: East African Great Lake Ecosystem Sensitivity to Changes